Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank You, Senator Gillibrand

When I heard that my personal physician, Dr. Yaron Schmid, had to return to Israel, I was heartbroken. Not only is Dr. Schmid a great doctor, he’s also a good friend. Loyal mutt that I am, I knew I had to do something to keep him here in New York helping animals.

I racked my brain in search of the right person for the job: “I know an excellent portrait artist, but that won’t help Dr. Schmid much in this situation. Would flowers be of any use? I know a fantastic florist. No, probably not.” Then, all at once, I hit on the solution. I could ask my newest friend and senator, Kirsten Gillibrand! We had met a few weeks before at an open house, and if anybody knew how to help Dr. Schmid, it would be Senator Gillibrand.

I won’t go into all the (boring and confusing) legal details, but let it suffice to say that Senator Gillibrand and her assistant Kelly saved the day! Thanks to their generosity, ingenuity and brilliance, I get to keep my doctor, and New York gets to keep a top veterinarian. Now it’s time for a celebration, and luckily enough, I know a wonderful caterer…

Thank you, Senator Gillibrand and Kelly.

Go Gators!

When I first found out that forty enthusiastic Gators were coming my way, the first thought that crossed my mind was, “Run!!!” Happily, I had nothing to be afraid of, and these Gators could not have been nicer. It turns out they were the Gotham Gators, the University of Florida’s New York City Alumni Association. And they sure were enthusiastic. They managed to paint our stairwell and promote a raffle that raised a lot of money for the Humane Society of New York. I had a great time hanging out with them, and they’re welcome back anytime! Go Gators!
After a loooooong day with the Gators on International Gator Day I am too exhausted to remove my outfit!