Thursday, March 17, 2016


Yes! It's me again!! Kiss Me! I'm Irish today!!
This St. Patrick's Day I thought I would  #TBT one of my favorite
St. Patrick's Day Parades,
March 18, 2009... a few years ago...
Read on...

What an exciting day I had!! I just got back from marching in the big St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Fifth Avenue! As I am from Irish descent (at least I am today when everyone’s Irish!), it was so much fun to meet so many friendly fellow Irishmen. From the bagpipers of County Clare, the marching bands (I always wanted to play the tuba but I never grew tall enough…) to New York’s finest, I want to thank everyone for welcoming me.

Getting ready!!

My very good, close, personal, Friends :-)

New York's Finest with New York's Cutest!!!

I LOVE a good Marching Band, don't you??!!?!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!