Thursday, November 12, 2009

Staying Warm the Humane Way

I understand why people used to wear fur coats. If you wanted to stay warm, there weren’t many alternatives to fur before the invention of Gore-Tex, polypropylene and all the other materials listed on the tag of your fancy new ski parka (which looks great, by the way). You humans aren’t very good at making your own fur, so you had to use ours. But now that you have your Gore-Tex and all the rest, do you really need any more of our fur? If we’re going to be fair about this, humans owe animals some high-tech jackets for all the years we’ve furnished you with your winter clothing. (I look good in earth tones, hint hint.)

Want another reason not to wear fur? Makers of fur clothing costing less than $150 do not need to specify what type of fur they are using. Frequently, that cheap fur comes from China, and we all know how China treats their dogs and cats. Gulp.