Thursday, December 3, 2009

My friend + I are exhausted from making our wish list! Please help if you can :)

Dog/Cat food (wet/dry/treats)
Pillow cases, sheets, towels & small blankets
Paper plates/bowls (for feeding animals)
“PUR” brand water filters for pitchers
Grooming tools, esp. the Furminator
Dog toys (Kongs, Nyla bones, tennis balls, etc.)
Cat toys (catnip, cat dancers, balls, etc.)
Distilled water (unopened -- for use in surgery)
Jars of Baby food (chicken or beef for very ill animals)
Cat trees (in good condition)
Cat litter & Kitty Litter Pans
Dog crates
Pet carriers

Laundry detergent (liquid Tide, etc. – we do ten loads of laundry a day in our hospital alone!)
Envelopes (regular and padded)
Office supplies (pens, markers, post-its, staplers, scissors, rubber bands, paper clips, etc.)
Radios (to play classical music for the animals)
New flashlights (remember the blackout??)
Batteries (D’s, AA’s, AAA’s, etc.)
Energy efficient light bulbs
Xerox paper (multi-purpose)
Tape (Scotch & clear packing)
Folders (manila, clear plastic and assorted)
Paper towels (can’t get enough of them!)
Can openers
Liquid hand soap/sanitizer
Garbage bags (large black heavy duty)
Powdered dishwasher detergent
(great for scrubbing floors!)