Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Saying Goodbye to my friend

It's very hard to lose a friend. Saying goodbye is so sad, even for us dogs. I just had to say goodbye to my cat friend, Barak. We were best friends, really like brothers, for nine and a half years. 
Gosh, we had so many fun times. 
He played with me all the time, but he was always gentle. Barak was much bigger than me but he never hurt me. I never knew he had claws until he told me. 
What's the phrase I once heard? I think it was a gentle giant. 
That was Barak. 
Cancer took him from us too soon. We will miss him, but we know how lucky we were to have had such a loyal buddy. 
Rest in peace, "Senor von Squishypants."
"Squishy" for short.