Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Volunteers from New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange has been sending not one but THREE groups of incredible volunteers every year to do everything from cleaning the park across the street to brushing my cat friends.  They are all always so excited to be here to help out and I had the best time singing to them.  THANK YOU so much for visiting!  See you again next year!  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hurricane Sandy, One Year Later

We feel like it was less than a year but time is flying!  The warnings came but no one was prepared for the massive damage that was going to come from Hurricane Sandy.  Even if they were prepared, they couldn't have estimated the total destruction it had on so many.  We did what we could here at the Society, battened down the hatches and luckily, remained OK throughout.  The animals were champs here, acting like it was just another day.  (No surprise, I slept like a rock!)

I remember the few staff and volunteers who either lived in Manhattan or stayed over to assure their arrival for the next couple of days.  Teamwork is the smallest word we could use to describe the amazing people who came together to help.  People walked miles in the storm and after to be here, sat in hours of traffic to deliver supplies, arranged support and offered help via social media and good old fashion footwork.  We can't thank those people enough!  I was filled with all sorts of emotions because it was so sad and so wonderful and I remember everyone around me just kind of going into this "help mode" and never once complaining or questioning things that needed to be done because they just had to do it.  

Because our building still had electricity and water, we were able to open our doors to clients and others who needed assistance.  We don't normally board animals but due to the situation, we found space to spare in an already crowded facility to take these pets in while their owners figured out their next steps.  

We also took in animals that did not have family.  Some were victims of Sandy that came from other shelters that were overflowing and physical damage to their building was causing more obstacles.  Others were found and had no where to go, plus needed medical attention.  There were two animals in particular that I want to write about here to give you updates.  

Edgar was found wandering on Long Island and placed in a shelter.  He was included in a special rescue that would normally be out of our scope but due to the circumstances, we stepped in. My friends waited in those infamous gas lines, navigated through debris and light-less streets, and made their way to an overflowing shelter.  

I'm told it was hard to even look at Edgar when they first saw him in the condition he was in.  The other shelter walked by him thinking we wouldn't be interested but his eyes were so emotional it was no question that they would be rescuing this dog.  This poor guy was severely suffering from what appeared to be a skin condition and the little hair he had left was messy.  His skin was red, bloody and irritated.  We believe the storm was the best thing to happen to him because his injuries clearly had been ongoing and neglected far before this storm hit and when others were unable to help him in the capacity that he needed, we were able to step in. 

Our vets diagnosed a staph infection on his body and in his ears.  He also suffered from severe allergies.  After lots of testing, lots of treatment and a ton of TLC, Edgar’s condition started to improve gradually.  He always had high spirits but was unable to be his true self due to his very apparent discomfort.  To help him along, Edgar was required to wear a cone as well as onesie pajamas to prevent him from scratching all the time.  Adorable but also heartbreaking. 

After many excruciating months, he was finally allowed to live a bit more comfortably, with no cone or protective clothing layer.  His hair grew back beautifully, his nose is the softest dog nose in the world, and he is just the most amazing lovebug you could ask for in a dog.  His eyes continue to be expressive and loving.  He shows traits of loyalty, playfulness and gratefulness and we are so happy to report that almost exactly a year after he came to us, has just found his perfect home!  

 A few weeks after he first came in. Already healing but a long way to go. 

His transformation was incredible!  

Here's Edgar in his new home!!! 

Felix was born in October, 2012 and luckily, rescued in October of 2012. He suffered from a leg injury that we weren't sure would be fixable but fast forward a couple of months and you would never know this guy almost lost his leg! He also was diagnosed with a condition where his nose gets inflamed inside and needs to be monitored and treated when it flares up.  This is a chronic condition whoever our doctors all agree that when he goes to his new home that is not surrounded by dozens of other cats and litter and other sources that can cause this, it will significantly decrease the condition.  

He has transformed into one of the sweetest and friendly cats we know. He is very smart and likes to explore and figure things out, and really likes to play with his roommates. He is extremely fond of dogs and has two best friends here, Olivier, a Boston Terrier mix, and Miracle, a Terrier.  They play together all the time! Felix is an extremely handsome tuxedo wearing feline and we are very proud of him from coming out of his unfortunate circumstances like a champ.  

His before picture is from the day he came in.  His back leg was dangling because it was injured and he could not bend it at all. 

If you are interested in adopting Felix, donating to his care or the care of other shelter animals at the Humane Society of New York, or would like some more information, please visit our website at and you can call us at 212.752.4840.  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One Way To Be A Responsible Pet Owner

My friend Jimmy loves sending me updates on his life after getting adopted.  I thought I would share this one with you as a reminder to all my pet-owning friends that it's important to get your pets spayed and neutered.

Jimmy was here as a baby and was too young for his surgery but as soon as he was ready, he came back to visit everyone and take care of things.  A couple hours later, he was good to go!  He says he's a little embarrassed by this silly cone but knows it's for the best and he won't have to wear it for very long.  Tell him how cute he looks!?!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Live from Ariel's!

This is Willis, reporting live from my friend's new house!  Ariel got adopted last week and we got an inside look at her new life!  
Here she is showing off all of her new pink accessories.  It’s her favorite color!

She has the most loving family and they are always sneaking in cuddles and kisses!
After a long day of getting to play with her sisters and all her new friends and toys, she loves taking long and comfortable naps on her new mat.  Like I always say, “A tired dog is a good dog!"

Congrats and have fun Ariel!