Friday, April 26, 2013

HBO: Documentaries, An Apology To Elephants

On April 22, HBO: Documentaries aired a beautifully done piece about one of the most magnificent creatures on the planet, the elephant.  As you know, I am fascinated with these animals and and I am not the only one.  This documentary "touches on their abuse and chronicles efforts to provide more humane treatment".

The Humane Society of New York supports this effort and felt that it was worth mentioning and giving our very first "Willis Seal of Approval"!  When you get a couple of minutes, please try to watch this piece.  For more information on An Apology To Elephants, please see here:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Favorites

The other day, I was sitting around by myself, chewing on my Kong, thinking “Hmmm, what should I blog about next?” and it suddenly occurred to me, the answer was right under my whiskers & nose!  My Kong! 

It is my favorite toy.  It’s durable and entertaining for me and my friends who really like to chew on stuff.  Some of them in the adoption center are teething or training and this really helps them out.  

They are really clever because you can put things inside, like treats and spreads.  Personally, I like a little peanut butter with it but they also make some fillings like cream cheese!  Pretty exciting stuff…when you’re a dog! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Beer For Beasts 3

Hey Everyone! 

I am super excited because one of my favorite events of the year is this Saturday!  It’s called Beer For Beasts and I may not be 21, but I still love this event.  

For the 3rd year in a row, my friends at Sixpoint and Beer Advocate team up with a very wonderful group of people from around the beer and animal community to support my family here at the Humane Society of New York. The concept is really unique…the collaborators make up their own flavors of beer and then at the event, everyone gets to try all of them.  Like a huge taste test!  Also, some delicious food trucks come over and they have a big party.  It’s an awesome day of eating, drinking, and entertainment all in the name of a good cause.  

This year, we were asked to make our very own flavor!  We went over to the Sixpoint Brewery and got a tour of the whole place, learned a ton about beer making, and then MADE OUR OWN BEER!  I got to mash it myself and everything, see the photo?  It was really cool and we are so grateful to everyone involved in this massive effort to create such an amazing event.  

If you are heading to Beer For Beasts this Saturday, don't forget to try Willis' HSNY Delicious Rye!  Cheers!