Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Office Supply Fairy strikes again!!

Thank you so much to our “office supply fairy” for the box of always-needed office supplies. 

By the way, I love the box these pens and markers came in. It’s the perfect size for me. Looks cozy…I think I’ll just take a little nap in the box right now…I just hope nobody mails me!

If you would like to donate items to The Humane Society of New York, click here for our wish list. It lists essential items that we use every day.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back to School !!

Hi everyone! I am getting back into the swing of things for school and re-starting my blog! 

Did you have a great summer bonding with your pets? 
I bet there might be a little bit of separation anxiety between the two of you once you start skipping off to school. 

Here are some tips to help ease this transition into the new school year:
  • Make sure there are plenty of toys so your pet won’t get bored. 
  • Leave an item of your clothing, like a tee shirt, in your dog’s bed. Having your scent close to them might make them feel even cozier.
  • Before you head off for the day make sure you leave plenty of food and water. 
  • Be sure to give extra kisses and hugs before you leave for the day and when you come home. 

  • Be sure to put away all markers, pencils and sharp objects so your pet won’t get into them. You know how much your pet loves new school supplies. 

  • If you want to keep a closer eye on your loved one, you should consider installing a nanny cam or webcam.

It might take a while to adjust to your new schedules, but you can do it! 

Have a great year at school!