Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Caution, a head!

When it comes to interior decoration, I’m no expert. As long as I have a comfy bed and a clean water bowl, I’m content. Paint the room any color you like; I’m color blind. But even I have to object when I see an animal’s head mounted on the wall. While relaxing at home, I prefer not to be reminded of decapitation. 

Boy was I confused the first time I saw a mounted head. I thought a moose was sticking his head through a big hole in the wall. I said hello to the moose, but got no answer. Intrigued, I went into the next room. Imagine my surprise when instead of finding the rest of the moose, I found a refrigerator! Once I realized there is no such thing as moose/refrigerator hybrid, I got out of that house as fast as I could. I’ve seen those scary movies, I know what goes on, and I did not want to be next. That’s the last time I have dinner at Norman Bates’s house.

I’ve been talking with my cat neighbors about this peculiar human habit, and we can’t understand it. We’re going to have to call an anthropologist or psychiatrist to explain this custom to us. Although, something tells me there is no good explanation. Would you want to hang my head on the wall? How about my friend Fiero’s head?

Y’know, you can buy a picture of the entire animal, not just the head. I guarantee the picture will look a lot better than a creepy moose head with glued-on glass eyes

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vote For Carmen!

I have some incredibly exciting news!  Our very own Humane Society of New York all-star volunteer, Carmen, was selected to represent the entire state of New York in the Purina Cat Chow Shelter Volunteer of the Year Contest!  

Carmen LOVES our cats and her story is featured on the site where you can vote daily for her until March 15th.  The runners-up get $5,000 and the grand-prize winner gets a $25,000 shelter makeover!  WOW!  

We can’t win this without YOUR help!  
Don’t forget to tell everyone you know!   
Go vote here: http://www.catchow.com/buildingbetterlives#/shelters/ny