Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Went To The Dentist!

There are very few things I fear, but this phrase is one of them: "This is your friendly dental reminder." Saturday was not my favorite of days, as I had to get a dental. But boy am I relieved I saw my friend Denise! So fresh and clean feeling, and healthy too. Look how pretty I look.

The cleaning reminded me that I wanted to remind everyone that it is very important to get pets their dental exams. We can't gargle or do it ourselves so please help us out. Vets can do the major cleanings but owners can do small things too!

Happy brushing! You and your pet will appreciate it.

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~ Starseed ~ said...

I'm so happy for him!
He deserves the best.
Wish to know more about his story, it seems he haven't been adopt? I just arrived, reading the newest first.