Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sunny's On Annie!

Very exciting news!  It’s thrilling for me to let you know about my buddy, Sunny.  I wanted to share some photos I took of her amazing journey and tell you a little about her. 

Sunny came from a shelter in Houston, Texas.  She was rescued by my co-worker, the Director of Animal Behavior, Bill Berloni.  Our friend Rob Cox brought Sunny to the Humane Society of New York in his car!  They visited me and my doctor friends so she could get her check-up.  

Everything went marvelously and right after the doc gave her the “paws up”, she traveled with Bill over to a street called Broadway.  She went to a special audition and now… 

You can see her in the role of “Sandy” on a show called Annie!    A round of applause for my friends! 

The Arrival

The Check-Up

Thanks Dr. Rubinstein! 

See ya later! 

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